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Fresh Meats

We've been providing the finest fresh meat and poultry to our customers for over 150 years. 

Sourcing from the best local farmers and carefully selected livestock markets, we keep food miles down and guarantee the quality and sustainability of the produce we sell. We require all our suppliers to observe the highest standards of animal welfare.

With our own abattoir in Alrewas, and a skilled team of master butchers,  we are able to ensure that the fresh meats we sell are prepared following best practice. 

Coates Fresh Meat Products


We select only the best beef from local farmers and livestock markets for sale in our shops.

Our beef is hung and air-aged for 21 days.

When ready for use the meat is cut and prepared by our team of craftsmen butchers who are all highly skilled in producing all your favourite joints for our shops.

Coates Fresh Meat Products


We source the vast majority of our pork from Packington Free Range where they ensure that the animal’s welfare is always put first and pigs are reared naturally using traditional farming methods.

The sows spend their lives roaming freely through vast green pastures and wallowing in the mud.

Once weaned, the piglets are brought inside to large, naturally-lit sheds where they are protected from the elements and have access to plenty of food and clean water, deep straw and lots of space.

Most of the Outdoor Bred pork on sale in our shops comes from the Packington farm at Barton under Needwood. It is RSPCA and Freedom FOOD assured, with minimal food miles.

Here at Coates’ we have complete confidence that these happy pigs produce the best pork you can buy!


Coates Fresh Meat Products


There's nothing quite like spring lamb from our local farmers and livestock markets.

Our lamb is hung and air-aged for 7 days before being cut and prepared by our team of craftsmen butchers ready for sale in our shops.

Coates Fresh Meat Products


For our poultry, we only use trusted suppliers who keep their barn and free range animals in the best of condition.

Many of our chickens come from Packington Free Range, where young chicks are housed in special sheds that have plenty of warm bedding, heating and good ventilation. As the birds grow, the heater is turned down to ensure they become strong and able to adjust to the weather conditions outside.

At about three weeks old, once the birds are strong enough, the shed doors are opened and the birds are free to roam on the range to their heart's content, only being brought in at night to protect them from predators such as foxes

Coates Fresh Meat Products


Available from August to April, our wild game products are a great menu option if you fancy something a bit different.

We source our game from local shoots such as Catton Hall.

Depending on availability, choose from:

  • Venison
  • Pheasant
  • Partridge
  • Wild duck
  • Wild rabbit

Just ask in our shops - we'll be delighted to advise on the best ways to prepare our game products. 

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