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Peter and Antony Coates Traditional Butchers.
Peter and Antony Coates Traditional Butchers.

Christmas at Coates

Christmas Roasts

We have a wonderful selection of roasts for your Christmas meal, and the accompaniments to make the treat complete.

Our free range turkey is very popular, choose from a whole bird, crown or a rolled breast joint wrapped in bacon. If you fancy something different you can also choose:

  • Chicken
  • Cockerel
  • Duck
  • Goose

Or why not treat yourself with a sirloin beef roast, and for Boxing Day a traditional ham roast?

And don't forget our delicious pigs in blankets, home produced chipolatas made with Packington Pork and wrapped in our own dry-cured streaky bacon.

We also supply all the sauces, stuffings and condiments to go with your Christmas Dinner.


We are open as usual until Friday 22nd December, and then our opening times are as follows

Saturday 23rd December: Open 07:00 - 19:30

Sunday 24th December: Closed

Monday 25th December: Closed

Tuesday 26th December: Closed

Wednesday 27th December: Open 07:30-17:30

Thursday 28th December: Open 07:30-17:30

Friday 29th December: Open 07:30-17:30

Saturday 30th December: Open 07:00-17:00

Sunday 31st December: Closed

Monday 1st January: Closed

Tuesday 2nd January - Open as usual

Our Christmas Poultry range

Packington Free Range Bronze Turkey

New for Christmas 2018, Packington Free Range Bronze Turkeys have an exceptional reputation for good flavour and succulence.

They are reared to the same high standards you’ve come to expect from Packington Free Range.

The Turkeys are reared outside and have access to fields of traditional English pasture.

Price per kilo: £11.88

Weights available:
4.5kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg

Supplied by Packington Free Range


Adlington Free Range Bronze Turkey

Free Range Bronze Turkeys are free to wander outside from their big, deep straw littered open barns to enjoy the sun on their backs.

They have large open paddocks to run in, and have access to fresh food and water at all times.

They are fed a wholesome a diet of cereals and oats ensuring the highest quality, flavoursome meat.

Price per kilo: £11.88

Weights available:
4.5kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg

Supplied by Adlington

Barn Reared Turkey

These barn reared turkeys are raised in light and airy open pole barns with natural daylight, plenty of fresh air and clean and dry bedding.

Food and fresh water is available at all times and the turkeys grow steadily in a relaxing environment.

The meat is of the highest quality with superb texture and flavour.

Price per kilo: £9.48

Weights available:
4.5kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg

Supplied by Caldecott Farms


Free Range Goose

Carefully selected, these are the highest quality dry-plucked geese, and they come oven-ready in individual boxes.

Hatched, watered and fed in open environments in the Forest of Dean, the birds are fed a natural diet and are grown slowly to full maturity.

The meat is beeautifully marbled, producing succulent texture and concentrated flavour.

Price per kilo: £11.98

Weights available:
4kg, 5kg, 6kg

Supplied by Madgetts



Slow reared for an exceptional taste, hand packed and individually boxed.

Packington Free Range cockerels cockerels roam freely through the green pastures of the family farm, just outside Barton-under-Needwood in Staffordshire.

A natural diet, supplemented with the finest maize and Omega 3-enriched corn, delivers a healthy, happy and stress-free bird, with a wonderful golden glow.

Price per kilo: £9.88

Weights available:
4.g, 5kg, 6kg

Supplied by Packington Free Range



Free range ducks hatched and reared in the fields of the Wye Valley and fed on locally-produced cereals.

Duck is a great alternative to traditional Christmas roasts, especially if you don't have so many mouths to feed.

Supplied in a roasting dish, oven-ready for your convenience.

Price per kilo: £7.48

Weights available:

Supplied by Madgetts


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