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Peter and Antony Coates Traditional Butchers.
Peter and Antony Coates Traditional Butchers.

Abattoir Services

If you're a livestock farmer or smallholder looking for abattoir services, then look no further. We offer a complete service, from slaughter to hanging, to preparation of the final products.

Our clients come to us from right across the Midlands, because they know that whether they bring us one animal or dozens, they'll get the same excellent service and the best possible end product.

At the rear of our shop in Alrewas, Staffordshire, we have over the years established a unique capability to provide abattoir services:

  • State of the art processing facility, designed to the highest standards.
  • Humane slaughter with a minimum of stress to the animals.
  • Two-stage refrigeration to ensure the best quality end product.
  • A team of skilled master butchers who prepare the cuts with a minimum of waste.
  • Additional facilities for smoking, curing and sausage making.

By coming direct to us, you'll save on market levies and auctioneers' commission - and the time and cost of transporting stock to and from market.

Testimonial from
Oakland Pigs Abattoir Guide

Coates is a small family business - very happy with the way they treated our animals.

Pigs are only slaughtered on Mondays, but can deliver on the Sunday. Fresh water is available in the pens - we bedded them down in the straw and fed them there - stress free.

Later that evening Antony Coates checked on them and gave them more food. First thing Monday morning (around 6am) they were slaughtered and I am sure they were treated with the utmost respect.

Coates do not have a weight limit on the size of pig they can handle. The joints were all expertly cut/rolled/tied and we had a good quantity of sausage which tasted amazing, and the most amazing bacon we have ever tasted!

The joints and sausages were sealed in bags and the bacon vacuum packed in the lot sizes we requested.

All the staff are very helpful, their prices are reasonable and I have no hesitation in giving them a full 10 out of 10 in all respects

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